Upland Mobile Messaging

Upland Mobile Messaging

Enterprise text messaging software

Enterprise text messaging software with feature-rich SMS, MMS and mobile wallet capabilities, enabling brands to reach their audience where they are, and motivate them in the moment, to drive high engagement, conversions and customer loyalty.

With Mobile Messaging, marketers can build meaningful connections with their mobile audience through two-way text conversations and use pictures, attachments, QR codes and mobile wallet passes to deliver the best message for every moment. Personalize messages with smart segmentation, and track every text, click and call to help identify patterns in behavior, determine ROI of SMS programs and optimize messages with A/B testing.

Upland Mobile Messaging integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM, ESP, POS, or any other application via API, to enable brands to provide text message marketing seamlessly as part of their marketing mix, whilst our industry expertise helps our customers to navigate compliance and regulatory guidance for SMS marketing.

Upland Mobile Messaging is part of the Upland Customer Experience Management portfolio of products that enables our customers to fully accelerate consumer engagement and conversions on the channels that matter the most to their business, whether on email, mobile application, SMS, or online. Plus, through the power of our Customer Data Platform, Upland empowers marketers with a Single Customer View to unify data, decisions and channels for improved cross-channel personalization.