20 Inspiring Sports Digital Marketing Campaigns

20 Inspiring Sports Digital Marketing Campaigns



When it comes to real-time marketing, no industry is better poised to take advantage of the engagement opportunities than the sports industry. Most fans watch the game with their smartphone in hand, checking fantasy league scores and sounding off on big plays minute-by-minute. They use social media to share everything from celebratory cheers and photos, to smack-talk, predictions and stats. 

Wayin has partnered with some of the world’s top sports brands and sponsors to create and launch an array of successful campaign experiences with ease. Whether it be to boost game-day excitement, encourage fan conversation, drive revenue or increase content relevancy to reach a specific demographic, Wayin can help sports marketers create a highly impactful digital experience that drives results.

Download this report to discover campaign mechanics that will help you tell compelling, interactive brand stories across every digital channel, throughout the fan journey.  To inspire you as you plan your upcoming campaigns throughout the sporting calendar, we’ve pinpointed 20 marketing goals to drive you to victory: