ScreenCloud On-Demand Webinar
ScreenCloud On-Demand Webinar
Fresh Mark X ScreenCloud: Connecting The Manufacturing Floor With Screens That Communicate
On-Demand Webinar
53 Mins
On-Demand Webinar
53 Mins

Fresh Mark X ScreenCloud: Connecting The Manufacturing Floor With Screens That Communicate

Fresh Mark X ScreenCloud: Connecting Your Manufacturing Workforce With Screens That Communicate

35+ different content types shared /  29 screens / 4 plants / 9 content managers  

Customer success story

Discover how leading Ohio-based meats manufacturer Fresh Mark drives operational efficiencies and employee engagement with digital signage. This presentation was originally shared at IndustryWeek’s Manufacturing & Technology Show in 2022, and includes an exclusive Q&A that delves deep into successfully executing, scaling, and maximizing the value of a digital signage project.

About Fresh Mark
Fresh Mark is an Ohio-based meats manufacturer and family-owned business that prides itself on supplying its partners, customers and consumers across the retail and service industries with quality food products – for nearly 100 years. 
Fresh Mark wished to improve and digitize its delivery of operational communication and production analytics with digital signage. Leading the project was Process Improvement Manager Eric Ellis P.E. 
One of his key goals was to move actionable information – information that enabled informed decision-making or action-taking – onto digital displays.
This would:
  • Increase employee engagement across all levels and teams   
  • Improve awareness of performance and productivity/efficiency
After requirements-building and attending several product demonstrations, Ellis chose ScreenCloud as Fresh Mark’s digital signage partner. He was drawn in by their user-friendly CMS, security credentials, integrations (particularly Microsoft Power BI), and razor-sharp focus on improving the digital employee experience of the ‘deskless worker’. 
In a few weeks’ time, Fresh Mark’s head office was able to share real-time dashboards with its plant floor workers across production facilities state-wide. 
Something as simple as displaying production metrics – remotely published via ScreenCloud’s Microsoft Power BI integration – helped connect employees to the outputs of their work, and track and improve their performance against team and site goals.   

Watch the webinar to discover:
  • How to pick the right digital signage partner for your organization’s use case 
  • Top tips on planning and scoping implementation, including Ellis’ phased approach
  • The importance of ‘walking before you run’ and establishing proof of concept
  • The range of content HR can create or curate – and why IT won’t become a content proxy
  • Where to start when measuring ROI – and why anecdotes can be just as powerful as quantitative data 

About ScreenCloud
ScreenCloud is a digital signage disruptor that creates connected companies with screens that communicate; serving IT teams in 9,000+ organizations around the globe.

Eric Ellis P.E.

Eric Ellis P.E.

Sustainability Manager | Capital Projects Coordinator

Fresh Mark Inc.