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ScreenCloud Report
Connecting Your Manufacturing Workforce
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Connecting Your Manufacturing Workforce

Build a connected manufacturing workforce with digital signage

Did you know that only 24% of organizations’ head office communication reach the frontline? Transforming your internal communications to be frontline-first is a key step in engaging the workers who matter most, yet are often ‘digitally detached’.

Think outside the inbox and beyond the board

Emails and noticeboards aren’t the best medium for your organization’s message. Check out our playbook for a snapshot of the frontline EX today; and see how enterprise IT leaders can drive engagement, productivity and retention with #screensthatcommunicate.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of a connected frontline? Introducing "Connecting Your Manufacturing Workforce” – the playbook that shows you how to create a powerful digital signage strategy that:

  • Drives digital transformation and future-proofs your workplace
  • Reaches, enables and engages all of your staff, from head office to plant floor
  • Improves productivity and safety compliance
  • Requires minimal ‘heavy lifting’ from IT to roll out and maintain 

Evaluate Your Internal Comms Strategy for Maximum ROI

As an IT director or C-suite executive, you understand the importance of an effective internal communications strategy. Our guide empowers you to assess the maturity of your current system and uncover long-term cost savings while achieving maximum return on investment. Gain expert insights and actionable steps to conduct a comprehensive audit tailored to the unique needs of the manufacturing industry.

Target Communication Gaps and Optimize Message Delivery

Ensure your message resonates with every level of your organization. Identify the communication channels that may be missing frontline staff, and learn how to strategically direct the right content to the right areas. With our guide, you'll gain valuable strategies to improve connectivity between senior leaders, line managers, and frontline employees, fostering a culture of collaboration and efficiency.

Benchmark Metrics and KPIs with Confidence

Track the effectiveness of your communication efforts with ease. Implement surveys and establish a streamlined feedback process for your frontline staff, allowing you to benchmark key metrics and KPIs. Gain the insights needed to measure performance, identify areas for improvement, and drive success throughout your manufacturing business.

Unlock the Power of Digital Signage with ScreenCloud

To achieve a successful digital signage strategy, you need a trusted partner. Discover how ScreenCloud, the industry-leading platform, can revolutionize your manufacturing business's internal communication. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, ScreenCloud empowers you to create captivating content, seamlessly manage displays, and unlock the full potential of your frontline workforce.

Want a direct line to your frontline, that impacts your bottom line? Get your free copy of “Connecting Your Manufacturing Workforce” now.