Headless CMS Breathes  New Life into  Content Anywhere

Headless CMS Breathes New Life into Content Anywhere


Although pundits declare that we are immersed in a world of big data, the sheer volume and velocity at which digital content is created, consumed, updated, and stored throughout organizations is at an all-time high, validating the age-old expression “content is king.”

Content, in its many established and evolving forms, has been king, is king, and will be king for the foreseeable future, making it imperative to anticipate and plan new approaches to deliver the customer experience and produce, manage, and govern increasingly diversified and complex content. Is it any wonder that CMS solutions require new approaches for simplifying content production and storage, while expanding their ability to deliver a rich mix of social threads, content types, and personalized interactions? CMS systems also need to serve more channels agnostically, easily, and with greater agility. How?

Enter the latest CMS approach, known as “headless CMS.”