ON24 Report
ON24 Report
The State of B2B Lead Generation 2019
38 Min Read
38 Min Read

The State of B2B Lead Generation 2019

The State of B2B Lead Generation Report, produced by London Research in partnership with ON24, looks at how companies are approaching this discipline, and casts the spotlight on what leaders are doing differently compared to their peers.

Based on a survey of more than 450 companies, the research looks at levels of investment, the effectiveness of different types of content and channels, and the challenges companies are facing in trying to take their lead generation activities to the next level.

This year's report compares findings with a similar survey carried out in 2017, and also contains  a new section on webinars and what defines success in this increasingly effective area of marketing.

As well as covering data hygiene, data enrichment and the use of lead generation partners, the report also explores the importance of close co-operation between the marketing and sales functions.

Companies can also use this document to understand what might be missing in their own strategies and tactics for this discipline. The report contains comparisons of findings based on whether companies are “leaders” or part of “the mainstream”.

The PDF contains the following main sections:

  • Defining lead generation leaders
  • Maturity of lead generation activities
  • Effectiveness of content types
  • Channels used for lead generation
  • Using webinars to drive high-quality leads
  • Breaking down silos and aligning teams
  • Data hygiene and enrichment
  • Outsourcing lead generation to partners
  • Lead generation budgets and costs
  • Challenges

Download this free report now to take the next step on your path to online lead generation and webinar maturity.