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Financial Services Marketing Trends and Priorities 2022
29 Min Read
29 Min Read

Financial Services Marketing Trends and Priorities 2022

More customer-focused, more agile, more digital. Discover London Research and Movable Ink’s top marketing priorities for 2022 as organisational, cultural, and technological changes reshape financial services.

    About This Study

    Digital disruption crashed headfirst into the FinServ industry in March 2020, and brands quickly created mature online processes that matched new consumer expectations. In 2022, the industry is blazing a new path in a more complex world, where data is at the heart of everything marketers do.

    London Research and Movable Ink want to help financial brands make the shift.

    The report helps financial services marketers better understand the top priorities and challenges that will impact their day-to-day. To do so, London Research and Movable Ink compiled the latest industry findings based on interviews with consultants specialising in the space, and senior executives from marketing and other digital roles at various financial services companies.

    Want the TLDR version? Check out key takeaways from the report:

    All brands face three key challenges

    No matter who you are, brand success depends on meeting three, intertwining demands:

    1. A greater focus on customers
    2. More Innovation
    3. Becoming more digital

      While digital transformation continues to accelerate, financial services still trail behind. This year's digital transformation goes hand in hand with data to inform decisions, creating a laser focus on customer behaviour to support the entire customer journey.

      In this report, you’ll get the facts behind meeting consumer’s evolving digital needs and get insights straight from professionals leading change in the space:

      And there’s so much more where that came from! Get the report for a breakdown on how to achieve your financial brand ambitions this year.

      Key Takeaways for Financial Services:

      1. The key priority for financial services marketers is to offer greater personalisation.
      2. Financial brands need to break down organisational silos.
      3. The foundation of a customer-centric business is a single view of the customer.
      4. Technology is developing faster than most organisations can assimilate it.

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      "We're working to support global financial services organisations in multiple channels. Strategies have shifted beyond a channel-centric approach to providing a customer-centric experience- engaging with customers in a personal way across all touchpoints."

      Alex Manly
      Associate Director of Financial Services Strategy, Movable Ink