Data Management Platform Playbook for Marketers

Data Management Platform Playbook for Marketers


Data management platforms (DMP's) have risen to the forefront of marketing, but how can you be sure you are making the most of your audience data? Are you using the customer data you have available to increase engagement throughout the customer journey? If you’re looking for guidance, look no further. Get the DMP Playbook.

This playbook includes:

  • An overview of DMP Use Cases, including personalization, cross-device messaging, and attribution
  • Suggestions on how to hire or assign the DMP “owner” at your organization
  • What to consider when setting objectives and goals for your DMP
  • Tips & tricks for success for maximizing the value of your data

We’ve helped companies around the world in every industry develop and refine their data strategies to make the most of their customer data. In fact, our clients have seen up to $8 back for every $1 they spend on the Lotame DMP.