Your Digital Experience Stack Check

Your Digital Experience Stack Check

Both Marketers and IT are familiar with the Martech Stack, the marketing technologies that are integrated and which help an organization attract, convert and retain customers. Essentially, the Martech Stack supports both the customer journey and lifecycle with an enhanced focus on customer acquisition.

Using this information, you can create a digital experience platform that works best for your specific marketing and IT goals.

Your ideal DXS (Digital Experience Stack) should help you stand out from the competition by giving your customers personalized, differentiated experiences. Since no stack is alike, it’s all a matter of selecting the right technologies based on your organizational needs. In other words, the Digital Experience Platform becomes Your DXS.

So before adding another expensive tool to your current DXS or focusing on one promise-to-do it-all DX platform, download Jahia's detailed "Your DXS Check" guide and:

  • Take a deeper dive into the pieces that make up your Stack
  • Learn more on how you can utilize each piece to further build and grow the foundations of your company's digital experience capabilities.