5 Habits of Successful Customer Experience Professionals

5 Habits of Successful Customer Experience Professionals

This research, one of the largest studies in the industry, led Confirmit to identify five habits of highly effective CX professionals. Throughout this eBook, you will find practical lessons you can put into action today to help you be a more effective and successful CX practitioner, and understand how to identify success in a CX program. 

In this research, we defined success in CX in terms of increased investment. Unlike other studies which focus on CX scores, we believe the proof of any program lies in the value it delivers for the organization and therefore secures increased budget. To be classed as a Leader, respondents had to see a significant increase in budget in the next 12 months (9 or 10 on a 0 -10 scale). 

The five habits we have identified are those that really differentiate the Leaders from the Laggards. We have also added a Top Tip for each one, to point you in the right direction. And look out for our Confirmit Promise where you can see clearly how Confirmit solutions can help you achieve success for all five habits. 

This eBook identifies the five habits that should be adopted and cultivated by CX teams aiming to have an impact across their company.

Download this eBook to understand the common attributes that are critical in driving CX success, increased investment and customer-centricity.